Essential Services Limited | Market Research
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Market Research

Essential Services, Ltd. has a full team of market research analysts who are capable of providing all types of online or market research.  Our team of experts can provide a quick turnaround time, along with a thorough analysis of all data collected.  We can take on projects small and large, and cover all markets.


Our market research practices seek to define who your target audience is, and what they need or want.  We can help you figure out what your niche is, how much competition you have in that niche, and what you can do to gain an advantage over your competitors.  We also help to identify market trends to help you understand the risk and potential of your business venture.


Essential Services, Ltd. is committed to client satisfaction; as a result, we offer a guarantee that we will continue to work on a project until clients are 100% satisfied with the results.  A native English-speaking Project Manager is assigned to each project, who will see the project through to completion, and answer any and all questions that might arise during the process.  If you are interested in our services, please feel free to contact us, and we can provide a quote within 24 hours.



Lead Generation – Essential Services, Ltd. provides you with quality leads and an exceptional sales experience.  Anyone can deliver a list of names, but we are committed to providing the highest-quality leads, and really growing your business.  With targeted research and dedicated analysis, we discover the best ways to expand your list of vendors, suppliers, manufacturers, and of course, clients.


Corporate Intelligence – We help to monitor your competitors, and other brands in your niche, to monitor their activities, identify trends, and find out where you stand compared to your competition.  By notifying you when new products are created, or new media campaigns are launched, your business will have the advantage of preparation, and you will be able to provide an answer for anything your competitors dream up. We also scour news and blogs related to your product or niche, to make you aware of new trends, technologies, and other events or products pertinent to your business.

General Business Services – We provide general business services which allow companies to focus on their products and sales, while leaving some business-related tasks in our capable hands.  These services include creating a company profile, researching trends in the market and industry, monitoring the competition, identifying financial trends, and more.


Data Entry/Web Scraping – Essential Services, Ltd. provides a wide range of data entry services, expediting and simplifying the task of maintaining large quantities of data.  Our data entry specialists can log vast amounts of information quickly and accurately, or obtain information via a web scraping process.  Whatever your data management needs, Essential Services, Ltd. can help.


Keyword Research – Our keyword research specialists can help you build targeted marketing campaigns for blogging platforms, Google AdWords, articles, and more.  By analyzing an exhaustive list of keywords and search phrases related to your niche, we will help you determine the most effective keywords to use for high visibility, to increase traffic, and to take advantage of user searches.


Some of our other market-research and business-management services include:

  • Advertising
  • Distribution
  • Brand Management
  • Effectiveness
  • Promotional Content
  •  Choice of Media
  • Competition
  • Social and Opinion Research


We also offer a variety of packages to meet the needs of different projects and clients.


Our subscription-based packages are ideal for clients who have recurring needs or ongoing projects, and the packages are highly customizable based upon the individual needs of each client.  We also have an hourly package, which enables clients to obtain help with sporadic or short-term projects, and can be billed on an hourly basis.  Our third option is for clients with a need for a single project, or multiple projects over a long period of time.  With this package, clients receive a total quote for the entire project.


Feel free to contact us with some information about your project, and we will get back to you within 24 hours.