Essential Services Limited | Quality Control
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Quality Control

All business owners and managers realize that it’s nearly impossible, given their visibility and position in the company, to personally ascertain the quality of their employees’ customer service with any degree of accuracy.  That’s why mystery-shopping and quality-control services are so vital to the success of any company.


Essential Services, Ltd. provides quality control services to help ensure that the actual experiences of customers and clients are on a level with what the company expects from their employees.  We provide a detailed and comprehensive report of our findings, including evaluations of key factors such as follow-up, customer service, promptness, product knowledge, professionalism, and more.


A key component of our quality control process is that we don’t just present a summary of our findings; we also provide customized recommendations specific to your business, and tools for tracking your improvement and goal progress.


We have staff throughout Southeast Asia, and we employ both native English speakers, as well as others who are native speakers of the local language, and fluent in English as a second language.  All of our staff are highly-trained in providing outstanding customer service, and experienced with auditing services, so you know that the feedback and recommendations you’ll receive are from some of the best in the business.  Our services and packages can be tailored for each individual client and facility we visit.


  • Mystery Shopping/Guest Audits – Our staff can perform on-site visits to your place of business to evaluate the services that are provided.  They pose as a guest and act as a “mystery shopper,” performing a thorough and honest analysis of guest relations, facilities, cuisine, customer service, cleanliness, emergency preparedness, and more.  Guest audits provide you with a unique point-of-view, allowing you to see your business through the eyes of your guests – and our trained staff members don’t overlook a thing.


  • Telephone Audits – In addition to performing on-site visits, our staff can also perform telephone audits, testing the customer service they receive as well as the general knowledge level of your staff.  They will ask probing questions to assess whether your staff members are familiar with the procedures and policies at your facility, and offer feedback regarding any additional training that may be needed to ensure that your guests are receiving the best possible service when they call.


  • Recommendations – With any of our services, our trained staff will offer feedback on what your employees are doing well, as well as recommendations on areas of improvement.


  • Meetings and Convention Services Audits – In addition to providing guest audit services, our trained staff can also perform evaluations of your facility’s meeting and convention spaces.  We will also provide feedback regarding general knowledge level of your staff, and their willingness to assist with event planning.


  • Brand Reputation Monitoring – We monitor what is being said about your business, and who is saying it, and provide customized feedback and recommendations based on what your customers have to say about their experiences.



Feel free to contact us with some information about your project, and we will get back to you within 24 hours.