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ESL is a market leader in delivering professional telemarketing, appointment setting and lead generation services. Our way to telemarket involves a combination of planning, scalability and flexibility to ensure success.


We can publish, display and mention your phone numbers and products in forums, social media, and direct emails to generate orders and leads.


We invite prospects to events or webinars, requests for a proposal, qualify potential prospects, and development of a qualified mailing or emailing list.


A part of lead nurturing we make sure to make follow-up phone calls besides sending out direct mail, email, invitation to events and webinars.


With expanded competition and deregulated markets, the need to deliver a higher standard of customer service continues. From acquiring new accounts, to billing and service inquiries, to loyalty and retention programs, to IT management, we know what it takes to stand behind a brand promise.


High-tech & gaming


Brand-building, growth-enabling solutions


From global customer management to tech support to customer retention and growth, we serve the contact center and IT outsourcing needs of many Fortune 500 high-tech leaders, including some of largest gaming titles in the world. We can protect your brand while scaling your business, enabling you to launch products and expand into global markets.


Financial services


Secure, efficient, value-add outsourcing


Whether you’re a bank, credit union, insurance provider, credit agency, payment processor, or you provide corporate financing, our services can help you acquire, nurture and solidify customer relationships. Our teams are focused on security and compliance, including the due diligence required to meet regulations impacting your business.


We combine strong customer interaction capabilities with state-of-the-art technology. Our centers are PCI certified and, in addition to amazing customer service, our teams also provide risk management, dispute and chargeback management, and debt collection services.


Retail & e-commerce


Your brand is everything. That’s why our agents are committed to living your brand promise and culture in our centers. We focus on providing a consistent omni-channel experience via voice, email, web, chat and social media. By employing speech and text analytics, process improvement initiatives, customized curriculum design and more, we aim to delight your customers while adding real value to your daily operations.




BPO solutions for better health outcomes


Our Company serving the IT outsourcing and customer experience needs of today’s healthcare leaders across Payer, Provider and Pharmaceutical services. Our focus is on turning information and customer interactions into better health outcomes.


Travel & logistics


Personalized, efficient experiences


For travel and logistics companies, our contact center services can personalize the customer experience with knowledgeable, efficient customer care, while our IT solutions can help clients analyze data in order to streamline their operations and supply chain management.


From shipping and car rental companies to the fast-growing mobile travel app market, our travel and logistics expertise combines industry specific knowledge with personalized, efficient experiences.


Feel free to contact us with some information about your project, and we will get back to you within 24 hours.